Friday, March 9, 2012


It has always been a dream of mine to be someone who reads stories and gives the writers' feed back.  I had heard about Project Team Beta and thought this was the answer!  Finally I could make my dream a reality.  I quickly filled out the application and sent it in. I waited with baited breath for them to send me the test that I needed to take to show that I was worthy. Two days later, they sent me the test.  I had to download new (to me) software to even get the options it said I needed to take it.  No problem, I know how to do this.  I downloaded the software.  Then I couldn't get the test to open in the newly installed software.  I am not the most  computer friendly person I know, (my husband programs computers, as well as building them and modifying electronic gadgets that he has to make them do what he wants).  I sent an e-mail to Project Team Beta asking if there was another version of the test that went with my spiffy new software.  I got my response tonight.  I rushed right in to the software and then the test.  Then I noticed that the instructions talked about an option in the software that I couldn't find.  I went to the home page for the software and scoured the FAQs for the answer I needed, had I gotten the wrong version?  Was there some radial button I needed to click?  What would take me where I needed to go?  There was nothing on their website about what I needed.  So, I then searched the internet, maybe someone else had had the same problem as I and someone else had answered them. Nope.  So I anxiously wrote another e-mail to Project Team Beta asking if they knew anything about why this option wasn't there, all the while still searching the software in case I had missed something.  I finally noticed something that looked promising.  I clicked on it and HALLELUJAH it was what I needed! Just called something else for some reason.  So, immediately started in on the test, making many trips to the Project Team Beta's grammar section of the website to confirm that the answers I was giving seemed correct.  Each example problem was a bit harder than the last, but I strained my brain the best I could.  then I made it to page 4 (there are 8 pages).  This sounds much better than it really was as the first two pages are instructions.  They stopped putting next to the questions.  Suddenly, I knew that my dream of being a beta reader, would have to stay that.  I am sure you can tell by my own writing that I am not the best person to be editing someone else's efforts.  Oh well.  Maybe I can lose 70 pounds and make Rob forget all about Kstew (does anyone else think that sounds like some kind of disease?)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bet ya thought I died...

So, several weeks ago I saw a sparkle the distance.  I walked hurriedly over hoping to find a vampire reclining in a flower filled glade. Instead, I slipped into a mental hole under a sparkly white rock and have just stayed there.  I don't know why.  I kept thinking about how I needed to climb out, life was going on around me and I had parts to play, things to do, vampires to try and chase down.  I couldn't make myself climb out though, and really, I feel like I might just be playing ground hog here.  If I see my shadow, I might disappear for another 6 weeks or so...just a heads up.

I did want to take the time to mention something that my mother in law told me about recently, though.  While I was visiting the other day, she told me about an app for smart phones where you can send free texts.  It's called Viber.  (totally sounds like a toy that you would get at one of those home parties, huh.  Yeah, you know the ones I am talkin' about.) I am sure that several of you may have heard of this already. (I happen to actually be really behind even those way behind the trends.)  While I do have texting on my phone already, I went ahead and go the app so that my mil could text me without having to pay for the service on her phone.  Well, imagine my total confusion when a few days later my phone did this fun little thing it likes to do and indicated I had missed a call (thru Viber). Even though it had never rang...I looked at the number and wondered out loud who I could possibly know with an area code like this.  My hubs asked what it was (doing the man thing and trying to solve probs for me) so I told.  He didn't recognize the area code either.  So I started really looking at this number and realized that, hey, there were too many digits in this phone number.  What the heck!  I have no idea why, but the idea that it might be an international number popped in my head.  I mentioned it to hubs.  In that scoffing way men have he replied that if it was international, the least they could have done was leave a message.  Suddenly, there was a text on my phone saying it was thru Viber.  So of course I had to read the text, cause I just have to.  I was sure that it was my mil or my cousin who I knew was on viber.  It wasn't.  It was from my totes awesome INTERNATIONAL friend Sweden Sara!  Viber works for international calls and texting too!  We talked for several minutes!  Hubs was totes impressed that I was talking, live, to someone in Sweden!  It was soooo cool!  Now that I have my head poked out of my sparkly hole, I have to send msgs to my other international friends and see if they are on Viber as well!  So my peeps, you should all come over to the Viber side. Look me up.  Then we could keep in touch even if I am back in my mental ditch!  Good night my loves!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ok, so it's Tuesday...

I've mentioned previously that my life is actually pretty boring, right?  No? Well, I just did, so there ya go. You have been forewarned.  Anywho, I have been totally sucked into Clipped Wings and Inked Armor.  I have to say thank you to Rugby Mom again for sharing, totes love ya babe!
So, about two weeks ago I ordered a Nintendo DS Lite for my daughter for Christmas (don't worry, she doesn't follow my blog, yet...) from this cool website we discovered at work.  ('Cause why should we actually work at work rather than shop right?) Anyway, it was delivered this weekend.  It was only $45 and I paid $5 for a one year warranty, totes good deal.  Well, I opened my shipping box and inside was a packing envelope, you know the kind with the bubble wrap inside.  One the envelope was a sticker, it said Nintendo DS Lite.  I excitedly opened the envelope, and about screamed.  Inside, where my daughter's DS should be, was a PSP.  The hand held this from Sony.  How could this happen?  I mean it even said DS on the outside, WTF!!  So, I immediately got on the computer and accessed the web site's live chat.  The wonderful (snatch) person on the other end has no idea how this happened.  She sent me a return tag so that I could send back the PSP (I know, it's a better machine, blah, blah.  It's for my 8 year old, she doesn't need it and my husband already has one.)  and once they get it back, they will then check to see if they have anymore DS's and ship me one.  However, the warranty I purchased is supposed to be registered within 30 days from the original purchase price, so I'm kinda freakin'.  I will be contacting their live chat again soon to verify that I won't be screwed out of it.
On a happier note, I purchased some amazing tea while in Forks called New Moon Red and it is from the Luxe Tea company.  I have been trying to find out where I could get more because I absolutely love the tea and my co-worker keeps begging for more.  ( I feel like I have to share since she is technically my boss) Well the phone numbers for the Dazzled by Twilight store go unanswered.  When I called the Forks Chamber of Commerce, they told me that the Dazzled store will most likely be closing soon and to not order anything from their website because they have been getting complaints that orders are not being filled even though money is being taken.  So, I looked up the Luxe Tea company and I found their website.  All of their phone numbers have been disconnected.  I decided to make one last effort and sent them an email, just on the off chance that something odd had happened, like they just forgot to pay their phone bill or something.  Anyway, after two weeks no response, so I gave up hope and have been hording my last bag of tea.  So imagine my surprise when I received a response to my e-mail this week saying that they are having phone probs and to just go ahead and order online...Does anyone else feel like I have "dumb-ass" stamped on my forehead?  I told my co-worker about it though and she is gonna try and order, better her money than mine right?
Well, I need to get ready for tomorrow, so good night all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So, did ya miss me?

Sorry for the long delay, rl has been kicking my a**.  I didn't get the job I was trying for, some internal person magically showed up far into the interview process wanting to take this job.  You know, the one with no benefits and no guaranteed hours.  Right.  Then my best friend checked himself into a mental hospital.  Oh what fun.  My boss is a lazy pain in the, well you get the idea. And I can't find any more of the New Moon Red tea that I bought in Forks.  The makers of it have gone out of business.  Yeah, the hits just keep comin'!
Ok, now that I have vomited all of that bitchiness on you, have a treat:

Was it as good for you as it was for me?
Thank you to PopSugar where I get most of my Rob porn.
My daughter had a great time yesterday  trick or treating.  She went as a character from the Monster High books, Frankie Stein.  Not a single person knew who she was supposed to be.  I was so not surprised.  I will  post a pic later, to do it know would involve getting up, finding the cord to either my camera or my phone, plugging it in, finding the get the idea, now is lazy time.  I am sitting here writing while listening to my favorites on my iPod list and Bella's theme just came on.  Man! I love this song!  I want to learn the piano, just so I can play this song!
Oh my gosh!  RugbyMom has been sharing some fan fic with me and I am surprised that I am able to find time to leave the house!  All I want to do these days is read! I just finished a story called the office, W O W! Now I am reading Clipped Wings and Inked Armor.  My Nook is having issues with it for some reason so I am having to read it on the computer and oh man.  I have been thinking about it, if I wasn't married to my husband, I would probably have more tats and a few more piercings...just sayin'.
Oh, has anyone else been watching the new show Once Upon a Time?  I really like it so far.  I can't wait to see who ends up remembering what.
Well, I've gotta go swipe some of last nights haul from my kid, night night all.

Monday, October 17, 2011

remember me?

Hi Gang!

So, I know that I have been absent lately.  Sorry.  I wish I had an excuse other than that I am just plain lazy.  But, I don't .  I think part of not writing is also that I don't think anyone wants to hear about my boring life...but I'm sure all bloggers feel like that to some extent.
I had a job interview last week and was just sure, when I went in, that they were just gonna love me and be falling all over themselves to give me the job.  You know, demanding to know why they hadn't seen my resume long before and how had the company survived without me.  After the interview, I was sure that they were wondering what they had ever done to deserve having to interview me.  I was told that they would be done with the interview process in about a week and that they would let me know.  A week is tomorrow.  I have been trying to figure out how to get some kind of inside scoop since I left the interview (my sister works for the company, just on a different floor) so far, nothing has worked.  I hate waiting.  Patience has never been one of my more prominent virtues.
While I have been waiting so impatiently, I have joined a swim team.  I used to swim competitively (okay, 20 years ago, so what) when I was younger and it was something I always (mostly) enjoyed.  I need a way to lose some weight and most exercise makes me feel stupid.  (Maxine said it best "Exercise is natures way of making you look like a dufus.") Today however, I felt so out of place when we were swimming under water from one end of the pool to the other (except for those small breaks for breathing)  when everyone else was gliding along under the water, I just kept popping up to the top.  Can you guess why?  That's right class, my fat butt and front floaters (most people call them boobs, but mine are apparently water safety devices)!  I just kept floating.  I didn't know what to do other than just smile at the lane full of thin guys I was swimming with. (oh, and wishing myself in a dark room somewhere)  Oh, well, I plan on keeping with it so maybe I will eventually get some muscles.
Good night everybody, see ya soon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

That was it?

I can't believe how worked up I was over the testing needed for this potential new job.  I sat home doing timed typing test, I severely burnt dinner and had to take my daughter out to eat, I had trouble sleeping...I got to the testing facility about 20 minutes early, I had never received the promised e-mail from the testing guy, so I didn't have his name.  Luckily, the receptionist was nice and willing to help me figure it out.  I started the test.  It was something that had absolutely nothing to do with medical anything.  No timed typing test (thank you God!), just some weird program that no one has ever seen before and a set of earphones.  The program was supposedly a windows type (or windows based, I don't remember), but I had the hardest time getting to where I needed in it.  But, I was good with the supposed customers.  I was also fast.  I failed the test the first time I took it.  I was so bummed, then the guy told me that I would just take it again 'cause he was sure I would pass.  So, took the test again, It was the same pretend customers in the same solutions so I was able to go a bit faster.  This time when I was finished, the guy had this huge smile and says "do you see this smile, this is a big smile!"  I passed, he said that it was one of the highest scores he had ever seen.  How exactly does that happen?  you go from failing the first time, answering the questions the same way, still having issues with the soft ware, but somehow, magically, now you have a super high score?  Totally crazy!  So, now I have a job interview next week!  Yeah me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am trying to get a new job.  I work in the medical field doing customer service and insurance billing.  One of the largest medical employers in the area is Kaiser.  My sister works there and I have been trying to get a job there for over a year.  My sister called my last week saying that I needed to fax her a copy of my resume' "right now", she knows someone who is hiring and she has told them about me.  I got so worked up I had trouble sleeping for two days after I sent it to her.  Then it was time to go to FOOOORRKKSS!  So I didn't think about it anymore.  Then, while in the holy land Forks, she calls me again and wants another copy.  Understand that I had called her every day before I left, more than once, and left voice mails asking if she needed another copy.  No response.  So I scrambled and worked out getting a copy to the person who needed it.  My sister told me that the hiring person would call me on Friday.  No call Friday.  No big prob, I was almost in my happy place (Edward wasn't there with me).  So I talked to my sister and she told me that I would most likely get a call on Monday (but I would be at work then ...). No call Monday.  I decided to just not worry about it, there would be other jobs.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I got a call at about 2pm from the hiring manager at Kaiser. Who proceeded to do a short phone interview.  Who then tells me that he wants me to come in as soon as possible for customer service testing (?).  Now, I am totally nervous again. I got a call today to schedule the testing.  I go in tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  I will let all y'all know how it goes tomorrow!